60 kg - Martin Hodgkinson (UK)

Giant Carp and Catfish Fishing package

Daily guided carp fishing trip to Bungsamlan lake in Bangkok.
There are no blank fishing days at Bungsamlan fishing park, if you need to, just ask us about the Mega Fishing Thailand no catfish catch guarantee.

Image showing the largest carp ever caught on rod and line from Bungsamlan lake in Bangkok Thailand

The world”s largest carp ever caught on rod and line was on your guides day off. Only fishing in Thailand!

Image showing a Giant Mekong catfish (Pangasianodon gigas) caught on guided fishing trip in Thailand.

Target species the Giant Mekong catfish (Pangasianodon gigas).

PACKAGE DETAILS: Your own action packed day Thailand fishing experience starts at 7.30am sharp, you will meet and greet your pro fishing guide team. After an hour or so drive through Bangkok in VIP private air-conditioned minivan you will arrive at Bungsamlan and your own fishing bungalow on lakeside. Take in the surroundings drink a coffee or some tea, but don’t get too comfortable because once the bait is in the water at Bungsamlan you should be ready for the baitrunner to start singing at any time. Usually you will be into a catfish within 15 minutes more likely only 5 minutes and regularly just the first cast.

TARGET SPECIES: Main targets are Giant Siamese carp (Catlocarpio siamensis) which is the biggest of the carp family and grows to well over 100kg (220lbs) here at Bungsamlan lake and the Giant Mekong catfish (Pangasianodon gigas) upto 150kg (330lb). The lake is well stocked to say the least and the whole lake just constantly bubbles and splashes with all kinds of fish. Other species in Bungsamlan lake  include striped catfish, spotted featherback, striped snakehead, giant snakehead, gunther’s walking catfish, giant siamese carp, arapaima, big head carp, giant gourami, chao prya catfish.

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Image showing Giant Siamese carp (Catlocarpio siamensis) caught at Bungsamlan lake in Bangkok on guided fishing trip

FISHING METHODS: We are fishing here with two custom made rods and big shimano baitrunner reels setup with different rigs. For Giant Siamese carp rice flour mix is used around a method feeder with hook-bait popped up on hair rig in quiet spots away from the catfish battleground in the middle of the lake. For the Giant Mekong catfish bread mix with additives is used again on method feeder and fished sub surface on a float with bread as hook-bait usually towards the centre of the lake.

Image showing the landscape of Bungsamlan Bungsamran fishing lake in Bangkok

A truly unique Thailand fishing venue, a huge purpose built fishing lake with the worlds largest fish species located down a small street in Bangkok’s vast sprawling concrete jungle.

DAILY GIANT CARP AND CATFISH AT BUNGSAMLAN INCLUDES: Full guiding service from the best guides in Thailand, insurance covering the angler, round trip transfer by car from hotel Manhattan (pickup from Hotel for group of 3 or more anglers) to the lake, accommodation in private Thai style bungalow with electricity, running water, bed chair, relaxation room & large fishing pontoon, full daily assistance from one of Thailand’s top professional guides in each hut, all required fishing permits for the day, all quality fishing tackle / Combo rod & reel – Shimano Baitrunner 6500 (latest model), all required baits and rigs.

NOT INCLUDED: Food and Drinks, but available inexpensively at the lake (40 baht for a good Thai dish).


1 angler / 1 rod:              8,500 baht
2 anglers / 1 rod each:  14,000 baht (7,000 baht per angler x 2)
3 anglers / 1 rod each:  19,500 baht (6,500 baht per angler x 2)

Extra rods: 2,500 baht per rod


1 rod shared by 2 anglers:     12,000 baht (6,000 baht x 2)
1 rod shared by 3 anglers:     13,500 baht (4,500 baht x 3)
2 rods shared by 3 anglers:    17,400 baht (5,500 baht x 3)


1 rod shared by family:     12,000 baht
2 rods shared by family:   15,000 baht

Image showing a Giant Mekong catfish (Pangasianodon gigas) caught on guided fishing trip in Thailand.

Monster fish of this size are extremely strong and fights can go on for 2 hours or more. This premier lake in Bangkok is brimming full of them!