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catch reports from Mega Fishing Thailand and other contributors from guided fishing tours and exploratory trips all around from Bangkok to Chiang mai


New species stocked at Kampaeng Sen lake

Kampaeng_Sen_arapaimaSome new exotic fish species have been stocked at our Kampaeng Sen lake destination. This lake is Fly and Lure fishing ONLY and has a huge head of large Arapaima .among other species. Recently the lake has some new arrivals in the shape of Tarpon (up to 10kg), Arawana (up to 3kg), Yellowcheek carp (up to 3kg), Emperor snakehead (up to 2kg), Cobra snakehead (up to 3kg) and Peacock bass (up to 1kg). Continue reading


Predator Fishing Ratchaburi

arawana_thailand_predator_lakeThese past days there’s been some awesome fishing at Ratchaburi lake!  Here is a lovely arawana captured on lure at Ratchaburi by Laurent on a Mitchell light tackle combo. The Mitchell marketing manager Laurent Checko is a fine lure angler. Proof is that biggie peacock bass in the 5.00 kg mark taken on lure as well on the same day at Ratchaburi lake. Continue reading

A 78.00kg monster tapah (wallago leeri) on lure in Pahang river, Malaysia

giant_tepah_wallagoo_leeri_malaysia_fullA 78.00kg monster tapah (wallago leeri) was caught recently on lure in the Pahang river, Malaysia. It supposedly measured 2meters and weighed 78kg. In quotes from the newspaper article Zulfiki Abidin 36 said it took him 2 hours to land the fish. “I had to conserve my energy as the fish  was very strong. It felt like pulling a buffalo.” The article says Zulfiki  had heard of giant tapah (Malay language) but never expected to catch one.  He admitted that he was initially scared when he remembered when  he remembered a rural legend that the predatory catfish could grow into a monster and eat animals and humans. “But I told myself that I must catch this fish as it is a sought after species” Continue reading


Massive 19lb Giant Snakehead on Fishing trip in Northern Thailand

thailand_fishing_oct2_2Great success for Australian angler Steven Raleigh at Mae Ngat Dam! Steven visited Chiang mai for a full day Giant snakehead fishing session. Using topwater lures like poppers, frogs and diving lures like Rapala Magnum, he caught nice Jungle perch and snakeheads in the 3-4 kg range. Finally he hooked into a big whacker Giant Snakehead, which showed 19lb on the Boga grip after a tremendous fight. Congratulations to this exceptional catch! Below a large specimen sized Giant Snakehead. At 19lb this beauty is an unforgettable catch and a good size for one of North Thailand’s best lure fishing destinations Mae Ngat reservoir. Continue reading


Snakehead Fishing – X frog – Owner Hook V’s Leg

camping_lake34One of the go to baits in our box is still the Rattling X Frog. Quite a large lure but floating with good rattling sound. Always seems to catch at least one fish even on hard days. We upgrade with Owner Stinger doubles. There are no weed guards so not weedless and have to be more careful fishing around weedy areas in case of getting snagged. Can be dangerous if the snag suddenly gives way and hook comes flying back at you at high speed… Continue reading

Giant Snakehead: Caught by local anglers and heading for the pot.

Rural Snakehead Hunting

snakehead_fishing_prachuap_13 Fishing local waters around Prachuap Kiri Khan for Giant Snakehead. Started the day with topwater lure fishing. Was looking like a great day with 2 catches early on. Both were released safely. Weather became more unfriendly and ended in huge cloudburst. To be expected in the rainy season in Thailand. Afternoon was quiet and only a couple of strikes on frog lures, the rain storm did Continue reading

Taken for a six hour ride by a 100 Kg (220lb) Freshwater Stingray!

ImageTaken for a Six Hour ride by a 100KG (220lb) Freshwater Stingray.”Each time the ray decided to stick on the bottom, there was no way we could move it, not even for a single inch. When it was crawling slowly on the river’s muddy bottom, we would pump it like if it was a matter of life and death but without being able to lift the ray vertically a single inch.” Continue reading

Snakehead and Pacu Fishing, Wet Season in Thailand.

Snakehead fishing in thailand, the striped snakehead is a very popular food fish in thailand , It can be caught with top water lures aswell as natural baits.Its very very good to live away from the sprawling hustle and bustle of city life. Away from the trourist track.People are living off the land and the wet season now brings with it quick change as lands jump start into their yearly cycles of renewal. In and around  the newly flooded fields and rice paddy’s the local fish are on the move as they search for abundant foods in places unaccessible only a week ago. Continue reading