Guided Fishing in Thailand

Photos of Fishing in Thailand Giant catfish, Carp, Pacu and Redtail catfish

Mega Fishing in Thailand – We use the most reputable and professional fishing guides in Thailand, we are specialists in providing organised guided daily fishing trips, Thailand fishing holidays, and angling adventures around Bangkok, Chiang mai and Southern Thailand. Try lure, fly and bait fishing for the world’s largest carp, catfish and predator fish species.

title image for Mega Fishing Thailand Chiang mai guided fishing trips pageMega Fishing Thailand Bangkok guided carp, catfish and arapaima fishing trips information page header graphicChoose from a  varied range of Thailand fishing destinations, Target  a particular fish species, create your own fishing holiday by combining day and multi-day trips with sightseeing and shopping or just let us do all the work for you by utilizing our Mega Fishing Thailand network that stretches from Chiang mai in the North of the country to Koh Tao and Phuket in Southern Thailand. You just need to sit back and get ready for the fishing trip of a lifetime in the land of the mega monster fishing experience that is Thailand!

Photo of Giant Siamese carp caught fishing in Thailand on fishing holiday by UK angler in Bangkok fishing lake Bungsamlan fishing park.

Photo of Giant Siamese carp caught fishing in Thailand on fishing holiday by UK angler in Bangkok fishing lake Bungsamlan fishing park. Enjoy Carp fishing in Thailand, go to Bangkok or Chiang mai to fish for Giant Siamese carp, day trips, multiday and fishing resort holidays available.

Thailand is a very popular tourist destination for people from all over the world and millions pass through the country each year on their holidays. Also a busy transit point for international business and travellers. Many visitors do not realise what a truly unique and amazing place Thailand is to go fishing. There are many weird and wonderful exotic tropical fish species here and some of the world’s largest freshwater mega fishes.

Carp and Catfish fishing in Thailand is a must, not to be missed. Day trips are available everyday all year long. For species hunters there are 8 or 9 carp or catfish that they can easily add to their lifetime fish lists in a day fishing in Thailand at one of the many lakes. For specimen and big fish hunters then catfish and carp fishing in Thailand is the pinnacle and today’s top destination to go fishing for the world’s largest carp species the Giant Siamese carp (Catlocarpio siamensis) and the world’s largest freshwater fish the Giant Mekong catfish. Take a day or two out from your holiday and join us for fully guided carp and catfish fishing in Asia’s international hub Bangkok or Thailand’s second city the Northern rose Chiang mai  all trips include free round-trip transport.

Photo of Arapaima fishing in Thailand

Daily guided fishing in Thailand for Arapaima and Amazon predators

Fishing in Thailand for Arapaima gigas the world’s largest freshwater predator is many visiting anglers target. We have guided lure, fly and bait fishing trips for Arapaima plus many other imported and native Thai predatory monster fish at Thailand’s premier specimen fishing lake only 1.5 hours luxury private minivan (Included in package) ride from Bangkok. Its an early morning pick up from your Bangkok hotel or local address and door to door drop off at the end of the day.

Barramundi guided fishing in Thailand

Barramundi fishing in Thailand 1 hour from Bangkok

For Lure and fly anglers there is great possibilities fishing for Barramundi and Snakehead species only 1 hours ride from downtown Bangkok. Both Snakehead and Barramundi can be targeted in purpose built fishing lakes where only lure and fly fishing is permitted. All tackle and baits, fishing permits, lures, transport,  and full professional guides are included in all of our guided Thailand fishing trips.

Photo of Giant snakehead fishing in Thailand

Giant snakehead (channa micropeltes) caught on topwater Killer Frog Lure in mountain reservoir in south Thailand

For anglers wishing to encounter the notorious Giant snakehead (Channa micropeltes) and other Thai native fish species such as the Jungle perch we have guided fishing trips out into Thailand’s vast reservoirs. There are various options with half day, 1,3 and 5 day trips available based out of Bangkok and Chiang mai. This type of mainly topwater lure fishing is a exciting and a natural Thailand fishing experience, you’re surrounded by stunning scenery and wildlife. All trips include all tackle, transport, boats and professional guiding.

Fishing in Thailand: BANGKOK

mega_fishing_thailand_giant_siamese_carp_fishing_tripGuided fishing trip for two of the biggest freshwater fish species on earth, the Giant Siamese carp and Giant Mekong catfish. We will guide you to the world renowned Bungsamlan lake in Bangkok which is famous for the extreme enormity of the fish that are stocked in its deep waters. Daily trips fishing Thailand with the best pro guides are available for these monster fish combined with many other species…more>>

Mega Fishing Thailand guided fishing trips in Bangkok Predator fishing package title image graphicAn amazing chance to try lure or fly fishing in Thailand for many different predatory fish species all at one fishery with world record breaking guides. The new monster predator lake is only 1.5 hours air conditioned minivan ride from central Bangkok. Stocked with an amazing array of Fish species both native to Thailand and imported species from around the world…more>>

mega_fishing_thailand_giant_freshwater_stingray_fishing_tripMega Fishing Thailand presents
you with an amazing chance to fish for one of the most talked about species. The giant freshwater stingray is one of largest freshwater fish species in the world. Its size and power are tremendous and trying to land one of these giant freshwater rays has been compared with battling with a submarine. Join our pro guides for day and multi-day fishing trips…more>>

Mega Fishing Thailand guided fishing trips in Bangkok barramundi and Giant snakehead fishing package title image graphicExperience World Record Barramundi fishing action in Thailand within one hours drive of Bangkok you can spend a day fishing for one of the most famous and popular sport fish in the world. Fly and Lure fishing are the techniques at this amazing Barramundi fishing destination, all tackle, transport and professional guiding service included….more>>

mega_fishing_thailand_predator_fishing_tripNew Thailand Arapaima Fishing destination. 1.5 hours from Bangkok center. This lake is Lure and Fly fishing only. Fishing can be hard but lake is very well stocked with very large size Arapaima which is the main target species. Other species include Redtail catfish, Wallagoo leeri, Snakehead, Alligator gar, Pacu, Thai Mahseer, Asian red Tail catfish and many other species… more>>

lure_and_fly_fishing_guided_3_day_trip_bangkok3 day – 3 lakes LURE AND FLY Predator fishing trip . Experience Fly and lure fishing in Thailand at the 3 best lakes in the Bangkok and surrounding area. Fish with flies and lures for a wide range of exotic predator fish species. Includes night in upcountry hotel (complimentary breakfast) and early morning fishing start. A great chance to target some of the worlds most prized game fish species Peacock bass, Snakehead and Barramundi… more>>

all_species_thailand_fishing_tour3 days 3 lakes ALL SPECIES carp, cats and predators. Make the most of your Thailand fishing trip visiting 3 lakes around Bangkok includes an overnight stay. Target Carp and catfish with 2 rods or try lure and fly fishing for Arapaima and other predators. Perfect for anglers who want to catch a wide variety of exotic Thai and imported sport fish species… more>>

Fishing in Thailand: CHIANG MAI

Mega Fishing Thailand guided fishing trips in Chiang mai Dreamlake fishing resort  title image graphicDream Lake Fishing resort in Chiang Mai, the premier big fish destination in Northern Thailand. Fishing for multiple species including the Giant Siamese carp, Giant Mekong catfish, Giant snakehead, Arapaima and Redtail catfish. No day tickets at this exclusive lake with 24 hour bungalow accommodation including private fishing platform, tackle and guiding service…more>>

Mega Fishing Thailand guided fishing trips in Chiang mai for Giant Mekong catfish fishing package title image graphicParadise lake is a beautiful Thai style fishing lake in Chiang Mai Thailand, stocked with Giant Mekong Catfish (Pla Buek) 5kg – 40kg (11lb -88lb), Striped Catfish (Pla Sawai) 5kg -25kg (11lb- 55lb) and Big Wai (Hybrid cross of Mekong Catfish and Striped Catfish) These are The main targets and you will be deeply impressed by the power of these furious fighting species. guaranteed catches…more>>

Mega Fishing Thailand guided fishing trips in Chiang mai for Giant snakehead package title image graphicMulti-day Giant snakehead fishing in Northern Thailand at the Queen Sirikit Dam located in the Uttaradit Province. It is Thailand’s largest earth dam, constructed under the Nan River Basin Development Project, Built in 1973 over the Nan River, this reservoir covers an area of 220 square kilometres. Originally named as Pha Som Dam, its name was later changed to Queen Sirikit Dam…more>>

Mega Fishing Thailand guided fishing trips in Chiang mai for the Giant snakehead (Channa micropeltes) fishing package title image graphicDay/multi-day trips to Mae Ngat reservoir Chiang mai. The lake holds Tilapia max.2kg (4.4lb) Rohu max 6kg (13lb), Small Scale Mud Carp max 6kg (13lb), Giant snakehead but the main attractive species is the Hampala Barb also called Jungle Perch max. 5kg (11lb), the average size is 1kg (2.2lb) and a 3kg (6.6lb) fish is already a very good catch . These Cyprinids provide good action on light tackle and fishing with topwater lures. Best time for Jungle Perch: June-October…more>>

Sea Fishing in Thailand: Gulf of Thailand

Click here for info on Sea Fishing in ThailandKoh Kut is the farthest island from the coast of Trat. Its size ranks as the fourth of all Thailand’s islands or the second to Ko Chang in Trat. The island covers an area of approximately 105 or 65,625 rai. It is 25 km in length and 12 km in width. Its natural features include mountains and plains where many streams originate and some become waterfalls…more>>